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Supporting The McMurtry-Baerg Cancer Centre

Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation


"In memory of Laura Jean Stankiewicz"

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Cancer touches many of our lives in so many ways, forms and outcomes. On August 31, 2020 we lost my Mother, Laura Jean Stankiewicz, to the battle against cancer.  I feel like I have been given an opportunity, a path for hope, a way to give back. I hope to inspire, to give, and to show people that they can make a difference, big or small, that can have a lasting impact on so many lives, families and individuals. Running has given me so much throughout this chapter in my story, so I feel like it is time for me to give back. Join me in this journey and make a MOVE 4 someone in your life.  




Run or walk, long or short, as a group or individual, all are welcome. Whether you want to walk a kilometre, or run 100, with a team, or on your own, we all have the same goal. Set a goal, create a challenge and for the month of May, lets show this community what we can do. Your goal can be a solo run/walk,  or on a team of friends and family. Set your own course on the trail, road, treadmill or even around your kitchen island, and challenge your family and friends to run or donate.


I will be running my leg of the relay on my own and trying to put as many kms as I can 24hrs on May 8th, 2022 with a goal of putting in at least 125km on the day. 


100% the proceeds from the MOVE4MOM run supports The McMurtry-Baerg Cancer Centre and the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation. The Vernon Jubilee Hospital played such a large roll in my mothers care while she was battling cancer so this is a way for our community to give back to the hospital that treats, cares for and connects this community. Show your support by running, donating and sharing this run with your family and friends.


Step 1.

Decide how much you would like to donate. Whether your donation is small or large, we appreciate every little bit. It means so much to me and the VJH Foundation. Your  "entry fee" into the race is also a donation but if you decide to give more, there is a link on the race page to add a donation or there is an option to donate on the registration. Share on social media that you are in the race using the hashtag #themovementrun It is a great way to challenge friends or family to match your donation, race against you, or join your team.  

Step 2.

Click on the link below that will direct you to the race page. On this page you can sign up for the event. You can decide what distance you want to challenge yourself to and if you would like to participate as a team, or individually. You can set a goal for how many kms you wish to run/walk but ultimately you can run/walk as many kms on race day as you decide to set your mind to. Please read all the details on the run information page for further instructions. If you don't already have one, download and create a Strava account to track your run(s) and follow others training and racing on Strava under The Movement Run Club.

Step 3.

Run! Its time to get moving! Start your training to prepare for the race to come! Share your running progress on social media to challenge your friends and family to join you and use the hashtag  #themovementrun to show your support!

Step 4. 

RACE DAY! - We will update this as we get closer to the run day. Stay Tuned

For more information and details on how to enter, click on the Race Roster logo below and you will be redirected the race page. We look forward to seeing you out on the trails, track or hitting the pavement!

Click here for more details!